About the company

About the company

Any successful advertising campaign depends on the creativity of its creators.


About the company

AD-Simple — це команда фахівців, які запакують ваш бізнес у соціальних мережах і зроблять його доступнішим для аудиторії. Послуги підійдуть для різних сфер бізнесу та безлічі цікавих рішень. Ми – команда молодих спеціалістів із сучасним поглядом на рекламу.

And we also do not forget to improve and be more professional with each new day than yesterday. We will always try to bring advertising in Ukraine to a new level. Our advertising agency, represented by a team, is ready for new heights.

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About us

AD-Simple - we strive to be the best in our business.

Getting Started


Corporate broadcasting resources

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Trade network "MarketOpt" 50 stores

Site creation


  • Working with the site
  • Site settings
  • Sale of corporate radio broadcasting resources and the touch screen area of TV MarketOPT
  • Registration of corporate broadcasting resources in 21 institutions in Kremenchuk
  • Launch of SMM support.

Scaling of the Poltava company


  • Launch of corporate broadcasting resources
  • The work of SMM
  • Digital marketing
  • Launching and testing of own software for broadcasting resources

Chatbot launch


  • Launch
  • Testing
  • Our chat bot
  • SMM 20 company on a permanent basis



  • Launch of SMM support.

Marketing Advertising


  • Setting up Google AdWords Marketing Ads



  • Scaling of the company in Kyiv
  • Recruitment of personnel
  • Search for new customers

Період пандемії


  • Повним складом команди переживаємо карантин та продовжуємо досягати результатів.
  • Перший мільйон переглядів у Tik Tok наших клієнтів.



  • Офіс у Києві у 100 м²
  • Продовжуємо працювати навіть у час війни.
  • Виходимо на міжнародний ринок.

Технічне обладнання


  • Впроваджуємо штучний інтелект в різноманітні проекти клієнтів.
  • Знімаємо на камеру 360 та fpv дрон, поповнили парк відео обладнання.


Our offers for your business.

    Support of channel telegrams

    • Rapid development
    • A huge number of followers


    ♦ It is a social network that allows you to create short music videos, live broadcasts and share messages.

    ♦ Cool videos posted on Tik Tok are so infectious that you want to shoot something similar. Therefore, our videos with various effects, for example, Tik Tok slow motion, etc. very quickly gain popularity and the brand becomes recognizable.

    • Chat bot business card
    • Answering machine/Consultant
    • Automessages/Mailing
    From UAH 5,500

    Chatbot development

    ♦ Chatbot is a service that builds an automatic client path in Telegram/Viber to solve business tasks.

    ♦ Chat bots for messengers save your time and money, attract target customers in a unique way, generate a flow of applications and increase profits, start the process of sending promotional materials, completely replace the support service, automatically form sales tunnels (autofunnels) and much more.

    • Regular publication of content
    • Optimization of the working resource
    • Maintaining pages in a unique design and style
    від 300$


    ♦ Commercial offer for promotion and support in social networks

    ♦ Filming of presentational and informative videos

    ♦ Development and creation of photo materials by a professional food photographer

    • Creation of a corporate channel
    • Creation of branded content
    • Flexible content plan

    TV and radio settings

    ♦ It is an image tool for your business

    ♦ We will create and manage the entire broadcast time of the TV or radio medium. Ether will consist of several blocks:

    ♦ Brand information (dynamic logo, menu photo or any other material of your choice)

    ♦ Entertainment content (information that your guests will be able to distract from -20 min) - advertising block (-10 min.)

    • Filming
    • development
    • Creation
    UAH 12,000/month.

    Video production

    ♦ To create any advertising video, we think of a unique scenario, involve the cast, actors, models, and select locations. Our approach to shooting is always very unconventional. In each project, we look for our special feature, and then shoot everything so that the output is a bright, creative presentation video.

    ♦ When creating multimedia content, we use: professional filming and video editing, computer graphics and design, 3D animation, project and presentation visualization, sculpting and modeling, postproduction.

    • Settings
    • Launch

    Running an ad

    ♦ One of the best methods of attracting CA to the account and accordingly to your store is targeted advertising.

    ♦ Every month we launch 3 new parcels + a contest.

    ♦ As with contests, the regularity of targeted advertising is important, because this way you can constantly be "in the field of vision" of people and remind them of yourself and the products and services provided.

    • Coverage of any territory
    • New customers and opportunities
    • Timely advertising

    Google AdWords settings

    ♦ We are the ones who know how to set up an advertising campaign in Google ADWords as efficiently as possible. A unique offer, a sales pitch is created for each client, and effective advertising tools are selected that will bring profit.

    ♦ We will help you set up and manage your advertising, we will indicate the necessary changes on the site for maximum results.

    • Managing the channel
    • Video shooting
    • Installation
    UAH 9,500/month

    YouTube management

    ♦ Communicating key company messages regularly to selected audiences through the YouTube platform is part of successful social media work. Creating video materials about the events that will take place in your business, about the launch of new products, events - will increase the loyalty of the audience.

    ♦ YouTube is a great place for brand promotion and development.

    Ready to order a project?

    our skills


    It's not possible to know everything, but that's what we need - AD-Simple, the best in their field.

    We, the AD-Simple agency, always follow the happenings. Given our work experience, we know how to qualitatively select the main from the secondary. We pay special attention to competent and exciting

    Targeted advertising
    Google AdWords
    Chat bots
    Registration of TV and Radio broadcasting resources
    YouTube management
    Video production

    Basic skills

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe After Effects

    Adobe Illustrator



    AD-Simple - we have been working since 2014.

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      Пн — Пт: з 09.00 до 18.00

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      Ilya Zalivan

      The head of the company

      +38 (097) 75 75 75 9


      Assistant manager

      +38 (068) 765 75 75

      Work schedule

      Пн — Пт: з 09.00 до 18.00

      Сб — Нд: вихідні